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This past weekend was a big weekend! We moved the Airstream for the first time, we nearly addressed all of the invites for the wedding reception in September AND we got our marriage license so we can tie the knot legally (within the next 60 days).


We aren’t traditional people, so why do something traditional?  We love travelling and exploring new places. Which is why it was meaningful for us to make this more than just one day – but an adventure!

We’ll be having a small, intimate ceremony with just our mothers and an officiant, to make our marriage “official” and “legal” sometime in the beginning of July.

Later in the month, we’ll head out on a first big trip in our Airstream to the Canadian Rockies!  This is where we’ll exchange our own personal vows – just us and the mountains (oh and Cooper our dog of course!).

We plan on getting back to Ithaca, NY, sometime in mid-August so we can focus on preparing for our reception ( September at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market). A great way to end the adventure – by celebrating with our family and friends in the town we call home.