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Yeah, we can be pretty quirky! 

We love traveling, photography, music, design, mountain biking, being outdoors, our furry companion, Cooper, and spending time with people we love.

After working 7 years at a software startup (he co-founded), Jay decided to build his photography/film side hustle and try this crazy content creation thing. Jess, a creative designer for the past 10 years, started her own freelance design biz where she focuses on custom lettering and illustration.

In August 2018, we said goodbye to our home (in Ithaca, NY) and moved into our 25ft Airstream Travel Trailer (Jowanda) and now live on the road full time. That’s why we created Tin Can Creative Co. We wanted a place to document our journey but also wanted to inspire folks like YOU to pursue the life you want to.

Why we started Tin Can Creative

We’re going to be really honest with you. We didn’t start this for money, fame, or follows… Deep down, we knew we had things we wanted to share with the world. We wanted to express our creativity and connect with people who might find value in our experiences. People who want to challenge the status quo, think differently and live differently.

There was no “ah-ha!” moment when we decided to start. We thought It’s already been done. There are plenty of other people out there living this lifestyle and sharing their stories… what difference can we make?  Then we remembered that everyone has a story to tell. There are 7.4B people on this planet and if we inspire one person, it was worth it.

So we got out of our own way and started creating content.

Maybe you’re wondering, whoa – how do they support this new lifestyle? Well, we’re still trying to figure that one out, but it’s a lot easier when you have cut your expenses and no longer have a mortgage. We did, however, just launch a Patreon account where people can support us each month by giving us as little as $2 a month! That’s a cup of coffee and truthfully it helps us create cool content! Please consider supporting us 🙂