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We decided to live differently, so can you.

Hey there! We’re Jay and Jess Rogan.

In the summer of 2018, we decided to sell our home, get rid of most of our belongings and move into a 25ft Airstream with our dog, Cooper. We yearned to build a life around the things we loved doing; exploring new places, riding mountain bikes and being creative. We hope we can inspire you to chase your dream and live differently too.


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Renovating an Airstream while traveling full time: Part 2

In Part 1 of our Renovation on the Road series, we showed you why we wanted to renovate our Airstream, and our new kitchen galley and standing workspace. In this part we’ll go over our new dinette and some of the benefits of the renovation. It's another long one, but...

Renovating an Airstream while traveling full time: Part 1

Renovating an Airstream on the road while travelling full time is a major challenge. We learned that recently. We just finished some serious changes to the layout of our Airstream and we wanted to share them with you! This was originally meant to be one post, but we...

We made it!!! One year of life on the road!!!

We're celebrating 1 year of living on the road!! We hit the road at the end of last summer and headed straight from the Northeast to Sun Valley, Idaho. Since then, we've explored numerous places in the West with our Airstream. We've learned to boondock on BLM land,...

How we downsize and declutter! | Full Time RV Life

Downsizing and decluttering is not something that stops once you move into an RV full time and hit the road. Even though you've cast off most of your possessions to fit your life into a tiny mobile living space, you're still going to bring along a lot of...

Installing an Airhead composting toilet in our Airstream

Is a composting toilet really better for full time RV living? The idea of not having a toilet magically sweep your poo poo and pee pee away into the mysterious void that is the public sewer system was a foreign concept to us for a long time. Years ago, we'd look at...