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It’s almost been 2 years since we purchased our travel trailer (Jowanda) and tomorrow we head out on our first big trip across the country.
We are Canada-bound. The “far far away” part of Canada. We’re headed to the Canadian Rockies  -only about a 37-hour drive (sense the sarcasm). Our goal is to get to Canmore, Alberta by Sunday.
It’s a good thing I married someone detail-oriented because I don’t think a trip like this would happen without Jay’s constant research and hard work getting the trailer ready.


Here’s Jay making some adjustments to our battery-box to accommodate taller batteries and also to give us a way to connect to our solar set up from ZAMP.
Solar will give us the ability to boondock for way longer than we’d be able to on just fully charged batteries – especially since they recharge the batteries as long as we have sunlight!
I’m excited to see how our adventure unfolds, but for tonight it’s pack, pack, and oh yeah…pack. The trick will be to try not to forget something incredibly important!  Passports…check! Underwear…check!