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It’s been getting colder and colder as of late. The mild Fall lulled us into a false sense of comfort. But now it’s apparent, Winter is coming. It takes a lot more effort to just step outside. Biking isn’t as appealing as it was a few weeks ago, and there is not enough snow for skiing.

We got a text from friends asking if we’d like to join them on their hike around Shidagin Hollow State Forest this past Saturday. It’s not normally a place we go hiking, it’s our local bike spot. But we were looking for something to do outside, and Cooper was acting cooped up in the house, so we eagerly said “Yes!”

We spent a few hours wandering through the forest with some of our best friends.

It was really nice to wander through this forest at a more casual pace for a change. Unlike biking, walking causes you to slow down and take in more of the details that surround you.

Everyone was glad they broke out of the comforts of their home today and spent a little bit of time in the cool crisp air. Jess even did some parkour off the lean-to.