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As the first post on this blog, we felt would be good to share a few reasons why we decided to start a blog in the first place.

We want a place to express our thoughts and share our experiences. Whether it’s traveling to a new place or learning something new, we intend to capture these thoughts/experiences so that you may find value in our words.

We came up with the name “Life’s Intents” while sitting on our couch one morning, drinking coffee and dreaming big.

Our name “Life’s Intents” (if you haven’t noticed) is a play on words. To some it might sound like we’re saying “Life’s INTENSE” and truly, we both feel like our current lives are really freaking intense.

Between Jay still working at the startup he co-founded, me starting my own business and a wedding on the way, we are feeling pretty overwhelmed. We have come to the point where we want to stop living so intensely and start living more intentionally. Being more intentional with our time and money. To set forth and pursue a life with less stress and stuff. This is our life’s intents.

We also joke about us living literally “in tents”. We have owned a roof-top car tent that we’ve gotten some great years out of. We still plan on using our tent as we travel around the country with our dog in our Airstream Travel Trailer.

We hope our website can provide you with joy, inspiration, and value. We hope that you’ll learn from us – and that maybe, just maybe, it’ll help you with your life’s intentions.