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Jay wanted to hit up another trail system in Fernie called Mount Fernie Provincial Park which is located west of the town.
We climbed up Phat Bastard which is a tough climb with some steep rooty sections. Then onto Mushroom Head, which was more mellow.
Soon enough, we began climbing again onto Moc-Assassin which had a lot of steep ups and many hike-a-bike sections closer to the top.  We slowly ascended into the alpine and crossed over on Stupid Traverse which had a few exposed areas.
Finally, we made it to the top of Slunt. The trail that would finally bring us down!
As we began heading down, I started to zone out a bit. Mostly thinking about body positioning over the bike and making micro adjustments to see what felt better.
This may not have been the greatest trail to be making micro adjustments on. Something went awry and I completely endo-ed and knocked the wind straight out of myself.
Right after the crash when I began to breathe again, I did that move where you wiggle your fingers and toes… just to make sure everything is still working. This was quite the scare and the biggest crash I’d had in a while. The scariest part was that Jay was pretty far ahead as it was, so he didn’t hear me or see me fall.
After a decent chunk of time passed, he realized I wasn’t coming and came sprinting up the trail to see if I was okay. We agreed that it probably would have been good to bring our walkie talkies on this ride. Since our phones were off due to international roaming costs.
I was lucky and walked away with just a few bruises/cuts and still was able to ride out the rest of the way down Brokeback Ridge.
Back in town, we grabbed a small bite to eat. I was still pretty shaken up, but Jay always knows how to make a gal laugh.
We rode by a pretty happening event downtown called “The Social” with tons of locals and tourists alike. Everyone was having a great time drinking beer and enjoying music.