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Jay and I went for a quick brunch over at Whitetooth Mountain Bistro. They had THE best breakfast potatoes. Seriously.
Afterward, we met back up with Andy and Miranda to head out for another quick ride. We rode a loop, starting with a nice mellow climb up CSB then down Mighty Quinn; a machine-built, fast, fun downhill trail.  It was just nice to be able to bike directly from town to the trailhead. (Something Jay and I really admire about certain towns)
Later on that evening, we all planned to make dinner together so Jay and I walked a few blocks to one of the local grocery stores. On the way back to Andy’s we happened upon at a little outdoor gym… so we decided to work out  goof off for a bit. Gotta stay fit on the road!
For dinner, we made a kale salad with fresh greens from Andy’s roommate’s garden (with her blessing of course). Andy made some yummy ribs + veggies on the grill. To top it off, Miranda made a cherry pie that was to die for.  We felt pretty spoiled.
Our stay in Golden has been pretty magical and we were grateful to have Andy and Miranda as hosts, but tomorrow we must move on from this place and onward to our next destination, Fernie.