As I began to reflect on my first full year in business, I knew that I didn’t want to focus on numbers. For me, it wasn’t about how many clients I had or how much money I made. For me, the biggest measure of success was the freedom I had being my own boss.


I had the ability to take an entire month off this past summer to get hitched (literally! – see personal blog). I traveled to Ecuador with a good friend to help her with her fieldwork. I just loved having the freedom to work wherever I wanted, when I wanted.


Don’t get me wrong, owning my own business hasn’t come without its challenges! It’s not all working in your pajamas on the couch (though I’ve had a few of those days).  Over time, I learned how to be more efficient with my time by putting certain systems in place.
But still, I struggled with many things like:


  1. Keeping project timelines on course
  2. Loneliness blues – it’s hard to keep myself motivated working alone
  3. Lack of focus when it comes to what projects to take on
  4. Accountability


With all of these struggles came the realization that I didn’t want to do this alone. So, I invited a friend and fellow creative, Yvette Burggren, to help me with one of my client brand projects.


As Yvette and I worked together on the project, I remembered how fun it was to go through the creative process with someone else in your corner. Ideas seemed to develop more and open critique made the end results better than I could have imagined. Working with Yvette helped me with the struggles I faced and I began to wonder, “What if we partnered up?”


When I proposed the idea to her she was just as excited as I was at the opportunity to work together. Of course we work well together, but more importantly, Yvette and I share similar values when it comes to freedom. When it comes to working whenever and wherever we want – it is non-negotiable for us. For Yvette, it’s spending time with kids and having the freedom to travel with her family on a whim! For me, well… it’s the same minus kids (for now).


As we set forth in 2018, our new joint venture, Water + Sky Branding Studio, will be in full swing with our focus on branding for small creative lifestyle + wellness businesses.


So what will come of Tin Can Creative? For now, Tin Can will be taking a back seat as I focus my time and energy on developing W+S with Yvette. To be honest, I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I look forward to the growth and challenges the New Year will bring.  I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I’ve had thus far with Tin Can Creative and excited for the next chapter.